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These free, downloadable Escape Rooms will work online on Zoom or other teleconferencing apps. They have worked for families and businesses as well as youth groups! I am in no way affiliated to Zoom, nor have they approved this content.

One or more people present using a shared screen and the rest play the Escape Room. There are different puzzles to solve to escape the room or rescue someone, including spot the difference, quizzes, codes and riddles.

Find the escape room you want to play below. Click on DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS and print them out or view them on a different screen, then click on DOWNLOAD CLUES for the clues in the form of a Microsoft Powerpoint and you are ready to go!

Raising the Bar Escape Room Round the Wo
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"One of the best things I've done on Zoom!"

James, Edinburgh

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"Dave, thanks so much for these. I did one with our youth group last week and am going to do one with my family over Christmas. They’ve been a real easy way to make Zoom socials actually fun."

Simon Diggins, Youth Leader, St. Peter in Eastgate, Lincoln

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If you think these Escape Rooms are useful, please have a look at my manual for Christian youth ministry - Raising the Bar. The Escape Rooms give you five free, fun evenings. The book, by the grace of God, prepares you for and supports you in a lifetime of fruitful ministry. It's £13.95 including p&p in the UK.

392 pages for £10 

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"This was such a great resource, thank you so much. My youth loved it, and it got us out of a cycle of the same Zoom awkwardness week after week!"

Ruth Scholes, Youth Worker, St. James' Church, Carlisle

"We used this Escape Room for our gathering of families celebrating my son’s birthday by Zoom. It was great! There was a good level of challenge for all ages. It was straightforward to use with interesting and entertaining challenges. I’m now preparing to use Round the World 2 with our church youth group next week! Thanks guys!"

Kate Hamilton, Ministry Associate, Jersey Baptist Church

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two new escape rooms


12th March

We're currently testing two Easter Escape Rooms, the first about the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion, the second: Jesus' death and resurrection. We're hoping that these will be able to be used by schools as well as by church youth groups. 

If you want to keep up-to-date with new resources like these, please join the website by clicking Log In at the top.

"Thank you for providing an activity that is as engaging as it is enjoyable, even under the limitations of Lockdown. Our youth group had a fantastic time and I'd happily recommend it to any group looking for a fun evening together."

Jonathan Burrows, Youth Leader, St. Botolph's, Barton Seagrave

"We've just done a social with your Escape Room - we loved it! Great to see lots of smiles on screen in an otherwise very boring half term."

Anna & Ian Rossiter, Youth & Children's Worker and Youth Leader, Binscombe Church, Godalming


You've been Around the World. Can you solve all nine puzzles to get Around the World 2 in our brand new Escape Room?

This was updated on 14th February. Please make sure you have downloaded both the instructions and the clues at the same time.

Designed by Monica Jones, Hannah Elphick and Dave Thornton. Graphics by Jack Percey.

If you spot any problems or want to help design the next Escape Room, get in touch.

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Around the World 2 Leader Board
  1. Dineswag and Friends           (St. Mary's, Maidenhead)

  2. Da Boyz                              (St. Botolph's, Barton Seagrave)

  3. The Chocolate Oranges   (Christ Church, Winchester)

  4. Banjo                                   (Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester) 

  5. The 412 Girls                 (Ballycullen Youth, Dublin)

  6. The Team Behind             (Holy Trinity Platt, Manchester)

  7. We're faster**               (Lutterworth Church)

  8. We're fast!*                   (Christ Church, Winchester)

  9. Attic Cafe Team Harry         (Thornbury Baptist Church)

  10. Yr 10s with no Team Name   (Christ Church, Winchester)

  11. Boro chicken & chips           (Jubilee Church, Teesside)

  12. Attic Cafe Team Jack           (Thornbury Baptist Church)

  13. Escape the Zoom             (Christ Church, Winchester)

  14. Jam before cream? NO!   (Christ Church, Winchester)

  15. Barney and Friends     (Christ Church, Winchester)

  16. Element Youth Club             (St Catharine's, Houghton-  on-the-Hill, Leics)

  17.  Wenger out                     (Ballycullen Youth, Dublin) 

































... but obviously not fast enough.

... and arguably funnier. 

To join the leaderboard, send your team name, time, group and location here, stating you've completed Around the World 2.

"We have been using your escape rooms in some of our socials and they have been great :-) Thank you so much! The young people and leaders have absolutely loved doing them :-) In fact, we’re gonna do one of them again with another group next Thursday :-)"

Sam Clarke, Youth Minister, St. Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford

Check out Dave's latest blog about youth ministry in a pandemic here

He doesn't know everything, but he's been working in youth ministry in the UK Church for a long time and writes about what he's learning. Get in touch. He loves to help.

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for the amazing escape room resource. We have done the London one and this month we are doing Around the World. It’s gone down so well with our youth and the older ones have helped run it for the younger ones. "

Amanda Neill, Youth Pastor, St. Paul's Church Howell Hill

Based on Jules Verne's book, 'Around the world in 80 days'. Can you solve all nine puzzles to get Around the World in our Escape Room?

Designed by Louise Grainger, Michael Weatherall, Hannah Elphick, Eleanor Bristowe and Dave Thornton.


If you want to help design the next Escape Room, get in touch.

Raising the Bar Escape Room Round the Wo
Around the World 1 Leader Board
  1. Focussed at Focus             (Binscombe Church, Godalming)

  2. Falcon 7X                             (Muckamore Presbyterian Church)

  3. Hawker 400                   (Muckamore Presbyterian Church)

  4. Team 2                                (St. Michael's, Stoke Gifford)

  5. ATTIC CAFE                             (Thornbury Baptist, Bristol)

  6. (Danbury) Mission Possible     (Danbury Mission, Danbury)

  7. Universally Challenged          (St. Mary's, Maidenhead)

  8. Rooted                         (Lutterworth Church)

  9. SNG                                   (Thornbury Baptist, Bristol)

  10. Team Anthookey             (Baptist Church, Winchester)

  11. Leroy's Floof                      (The Chinese Church, Gillingham)

  12. Team 1                                 (St. Michael's, Stoke Gifford)

  13. The Insiders                   (Baptist Church, Winchester)

  14. The Outsiders               (Baptist Church, Winchester)

  15. Dajosato                           (Holy Trinity, Cambridge)

  16. Sub45                               (Holy Trinity, Cambridge)

  17. Ignite the Funpowder         (St. Matthew's, Cheltenham)

  18. Cake or Lake                   (Christ Church, Winchester)

  19. Unicorns on TOAST          (Grace Church, Sydenham)

  20. 3D                                   (Danbury Mission, Danbury)

  21. Bombardier Challenger 605   (Muckamore Presbyterian Church)

  22. St. James Youth                  (St. James' Church, Carlisle)

  23. Where's the lamb sauce?  (Third Ave Church & Community, Gillingham, Kent)

  24. Ignite Club                        (Thornbury Baptist Church)

  25. Focus Escape Corps            (Binscombe Church, Godalming)

  26. Team Rob                             (St. Paul's, St. Albans)

  27. Amazing Grace                     (St. John's & St. Andrew's, Chelsea)

  28. Escapists                               (St. John's & St. Andrew's, Chelsea)





















































“Thanks for making the escape room - that was a lot of fun!"


Simon Eves

Minister in Charge of Youth Work

St. Mary's Church, Maidenhead

To join the leaderboard, send your team name, time, group and location here, stating you've completed Around the World 1.

"Brilliant resource! We loved playing it on Zoom. As a small church youth group, it's something we just couldn't do alone."

Ben Horrex, Assistant Minister (Youth), Lutterworth Church, Lutterworth


Raising the Bar prayer and Bible reading


New ideas for Zoom, resources online to save you time, filming guidance and lots more.

Raising the Bar Splat


Raising the Bar Coronacoaster 1.jpg



"I used this with my House Group as our Christmas social activity. I don't think I've ever laughed so much at a House Group evening!


I think my favourite moment was the virtual tour of the National Gallery when two of the party managed to get themselves stuck in the toilets!


Thank you for so much joy and laughter." 

Jo, Winchester

vicar ron sou has been kidnapped and hidden in london. can you solve the puzzles to find him?

Invite young people and their friends to a London Escape Room. All instructions included. Just download two documents, practise to make sure you know how it works and go.


"We have just completed the Around the World Escape Room with one of our groups and it was a big hit. They really enjoyed playing the game. It helped them explore working as a team and the tasks were varied enough, so that everyone in a team could contribute and take the lead. Competing timewise against other teams in the UK also made them feel part of something much bigger, which is important at this time of social isolation."

Mike Levy, Children and Youth Pastor, Thornbury Baptist Church, Bristol


escape room

Can you solve the clues to help the Vicar escape?


Why not create a positive experience for your young people and their friends online with an Escape Room? Only one tiny bit of preparation needed (which will take you about 30 seconds). All instructions included. Just download two documents, add a phone number and go.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your online escape room! I used it with my youth group last night, and they all seemed to enjoy it and have fun! A very well-organised and well-written resource that I will definitely be using again!!!”


Eleanor Bristowe

Youth Ministry Worker

Winchester Baptist Church

“Thank you to all those involved in putting the escape room together. We’ve just run it with the youth group here (fortunately, Vicar Ron Sou was successfully freed by both teams in the time limit). One of the young people instructed me to thank you and all others involved in putting it together - certainly gets a five star rating from St. Andrews!"


Hannah Elphick

Youth Leader

St. Andrew's Baptist Church

"A huge, huge thank you for the incredible “Around the World” Escape Room. It was absolutely brilliant. It worked very well for different age groups, was inclusive, easy-to-use and easy-to-run. Your website is an invaluable resource, and a real boost for us youth workers!"

Steve Conacher, Youth Pastor, Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge, UK

Agent Escape Room Picture.png

Looking for something aimed at younger children?

Aaron Griffin, creator of TheBibleApplied channel on YouTube, has created an escape room for 7s-11s, based on Jesus' words 'I am the resurrection and the life.'


"After churches in Northern Ireland went into an unexpected lockdown, we needed something fun and quality to run with our teens, so we are grateful that your "Around the World" Escape Zoom was available. The young people had great fun competing against each other and it gave us an opportunity to share about the freedom we have in Jesus. Thanks for sharing this resource."

Johnny Bell, Director of Youth Ministry, Saintfield Road Presbyterian Church, Belfast

Want more free Escape Rooms?

Toronto Public Library have produced some here.

I haven't checked all of these, so cannot vouch for their content, but at first glance, they look good.

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