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"What fun! Thank you for giving me something to keep my ministry going!"

Len Bogacki, Director of Youth Ministry, River Glen Presbyterian Church, Naperville, IL

Christmas Escape Room 

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Designed by Tim Robbins, Dave Thornton, Hannah Elphick and A Little Elf.

If you spot any problems or want to help design the next Escape Room, get in touch

Raising the Bar Christmas Escape Room St

Photo by Dan Kiefer on Unsplash. Design by Jack Percey.

Christmas Leader Board
  1. Quizzical Santas                            (Bournemouth & Winchester)

  2. The Trumps                                    (Emsworth & Bournemouth)

  3. Big Brain Time                    (Central Baptist, Chelmsford)

  4. Santa's Elves                                (Winchester)

  5. River Glen Youth Group              (Naperville, Illinois, USA)

  6. Toast                                  (Central Baptist, Chelmsford)

  7. Jonathan and Theodore                (Jersey)













"Thanks, loads of fun and easy to do over Zoom!"

Simon, Winchester

To join the leaderboard, send your team name, time, group (if applicable) and location here, stating you've completed the Christmas Escape Room.

"We have been using your escape rooms in some of our socials and they have been great :-) Thank you so much! The young people and leaders have absolutely loved doing them :-) In fact, we’re gonna do one of them again with another group next Thursday :-)"

Sam Clarke, Youth Minister, St. Michael's Church, Stoke Gifford