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"I ran both of the Easter Escape Rooms with my group and they absolutely loved it! It was a good time getting to see how they all worked together. It worked well over Zoom, so thanks for the hard work in making this!"

Matt Carns, Youth Worker, Clifton Parish Churches, York

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holy week escape room

This Escape Room covers events of Holy Week, leading up to Jesus' crucifixion. This is designed to be used by schools or youth groups.

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Holy Week Leaderboard
To join the leaderboard, send your team name, headline, time, group and location here, stating you've completed Holy Week.
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Created by Jack Percey, Tim Robbins, Monica Jones & Dave Thornton. 


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Holy Week Leaderboard
These headlines were written by young people, imagining they were reporters, investigating the events of Holy Week at that time.

1.   Scandal! Barabbas free,

      Jesus to die

      Thornbury Baptist Church

2.   Christ crucified, sinner saved

      St. John's, Woking

3.   Justice for Jesus

      Christ Church, Winchester

4.   Jesus to die :(

      Thornbury Baptist Church



      Community Chapel Church of the 

      Nazarene, Nashua, NH, USA

6.   Barabbas Freed, Jesus Crucified

      Chilsworthy Chapel (Devon)

7.   Judas betrays Jesus, Barabbas


      YJAM, Clifton Parish Churches, York

8.   Sacrifice of Jesus for Barabbas

      after a Shocking Accusation

      OJAM, Clifton Parish Churches, York

9.   Fox News, Fake News

      Thornbury Baptist Church

10. King of the Jews? Got a

      few loose screws??

      Mission Ipswich East, Suffolk
















11. Gruesome Tale of Wonky

      Map = Murderer Freed,

      Jesus convicted

      St. Botolph's Church, Kettering

12. Jury's out for Jesus

      St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury

13. The wrong guy was released?

      Prescot Community Church,


14. Jerusalem's gardener needs

      to chill

      Poole Christian Fellowship, Poole

15. Saviour sentenced!

      Christ Church, Winchester

16. Jerusalem needs a new


      Poole Christian Fellowship, Poole

17Journalist exhausted after

      long weekend!

      Chilsworthy Chapel (Devon)












To join the leaderboard, send your time, group, location and headline here, stating you've completed the Holy Week Escape Room.
Your headline will be taken into account for your place on the leaderboard.

"We tried this with a mostly adult group and they loved it! They had so much fun and everyone of every age was able to get involved and contribute. They all want to do more!"

Steven Driver, Children and Youth Minister, Poole Christian Fellowship

"Our youth group had got bored of a lot of our online work. They are on their screens all day at school and many had got serious zoom fatigue. When we announced we were doing the Around the World Escape Room, there was such a renewed sense of excitement! And then when we did the Holy Week Escape Room, we had a huge turnout and they all had so much fun!" 

Laura Munro, Youth Worker, Prescot Community Church