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Christmas ideas:

Paper plate Christmas scene. Give each young person a paper plate. They put that on top of their head and use felt tips (but no sharing pens if you're staying socially distanced!) to draw a Christmas scene / snowman / Christmas trees / whatever you like. Anything recognisable wins a prize!

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After Eight game. Put an After Eight (other square, flat chocolates are available) in the middle of your forehead. Try and get it into your mouth without touching it. Hilarious.

Sprout and spoon race. You can work that one out but stay distanced if you need to! If you want to spice it up, make it more difficult by hopping or crawling. And if they drop it, they have to go back to the start. Hop till you drop!

Cookie decorating. But give everyone separate icing pens to stay distanced.

Christmas bingo charades. Give each person a bingo card with each box of the card having a Christmas-themed idea e.g. Santa getting stuck up the chimney, building a snowman, Queen's Christmas message, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, whatever you like. Every bingo card has to be different. As well as that, each young person starts with a card with a Christmas idea. Choose young people at random, or have them volunteer to act out their idea. When someone recognises it, they cross it off if they have it on their bingo card. Eventually, someone will be able to cross off everything on their card and shout, 'Bingo', hopefully!

Name that Christmas tune. Read out clues to different Christmas songs / carols e.g. We - Richard II, Lear and the Lion. The original idea was to have the first person to sing it win the round, but that's not Covid-compliant. You could just convert this into a quiz round. 

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Do let me know if you have a great idea for a Christmas game!

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Our most ambitious, and most bizarre Escape Room so far, for Thy Kingdom Come.


Join TK the Cat and his cathedral cat friends as they try to solve a mystery. This interactive escape room allows you to explore all of TK's apps, from SnapCat to FurBook, KitKat to eTail, facing challenges along the way to find all the QR codes and allow the bells to ring at Catterbury Cathedral!

Designed fur mixed age groups to have fun and build community, but purr-fect for groups of any age.

You can download the Escape Room by following the link below.

With more cat puns than you can pawsibly imagine...

Long-play Christmas ideas

Do you want to build a snowman?

Face-to-face, get people to build a snowman with whatever is at hand. Best snowman in five minutes (or longer) wins. Add another prize for person who puts it all back fastest (otherwise you'll spend ages trying to remember where the dusty OHP machine was kept).

If you're online, have young people turn their cameras off, then give people five minutes (or longer) to build as good a snowman as possible in their background. You can screen share a timer to add to the pressure. Easier for those of us in colder places! The rest? People will have to use their initiative, employing other family members, animals, cuddly toys, etc. Explain before starting how you will score it - most realistic, best dressed, looking most like one of your leaders, etc.

You can also use the Paper Plate Christmas Scene and Name that Christmas Tune ideas here. Bonus - you can let people sing their answer!

The Santa Hat Game for Online Youth

Everyone wears a hat throughout the Zoom. This is a rolling game. Tell the group that one of them is the Secret Santa. At some point Santa is going to take their hat off. When she does that, everyone has to take their hat off. Last one with a hat on loses. Send someone a private Chat message (as always, consider your safeguarding guidelines) that they are "Secret Santa". Let the fun begin!

Let me know if you have a great (average will do!) online idea for Christmas...

Managing Exam Anxiety (1).jpg

got young people who need help managing exam anxiety?

Alumina/Headstrong have done an excellent webinar that's great to help with exam anxiety and also anxiety in general.

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Check out our latest Christmas ideas including games, quizzes and of course, our Christmas Escape Room, which was designed for online use, but easy to do with a group in the room.

Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

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