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processing covid

Resources to help your young people think about what they have been through, as we emerge (hopefully) from a global pandemic.

coronAcoaster reflections

A great series of reflections, designed by Laura Munro and used by Lorraine Fletcher at St. Peter's Church, Woolton, Liverpool.

This will download a zipped folder of the reflections in Word documents enabling people to write in the boxes, and adaptable covering letter.

Raising the Bar Coronacoaster 2.jpg
Coronocoaster reflections
Raising the Bar Coronacoaster 1.jpg
Raising the Bar Coronacoaster 3.jpg

escape rooms

"One of the best things I've done on Zoom!"

James, Edinburgh

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discussion questions

You're round your fire pit or maybe you're back indoors. What could you ask that would be beneficial for people, as they process life after Covid?

Christina Baillie, Diocesan Youth Officer for Connor Diocese, has put together some really helpful questions to prompt discussion.

They work in one-to-ones, or you could discuss in a small group, or you could get people to turn to their neighbour and chat about it, then feedback if they want.

Discussion questions


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RAISING THE BAR: A new manual for youth ministry

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Raising the Bar Splat


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