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"This escape room was a breath of fresh air!"

Gavin Rodgers, Elder/Pastor, Jubilee Church, Teesside

100 Emoji Cut Out

Rated             by Premier Youth & Children's Work magazine reviewer (Dec.2020)

Published 2020.

"Thornton’s book acts as a manual of best practice, showing us that we can lead both a fun and Bible-centred ministry."

Premier Youth & Children's Work 

December 2020

"I’d definitely recommend Dave’s book. It’s full of all sorts of useful things for youth workers at all different stages!”"

Andy Cook

Youth and Families Worker

Christ Church, Fulwood


"An invaluable resource"


Scott Rushby

Youth Pastor

Testwood Baptist Church


This book has been written to help leaders grow effective Christian youth ministry from start to finish. Reading this £10, nearly 400-page book gives you over 27 years of experience. It's packed with loads of how-tos, from writing a Bible talk to leading a small group, dealing with conflict to working with parents and the wider church - all shared with lots of STORIES involving God's great power and shaving foam. It also has key values for church youth work to remind us what's important.

"An essential text"

Jo Baynham

Urban Saints Westbrook Director

Online and Face-to-Face Youth Resources

"Absolutely brilliant"

Steve Conacher (Holy Trinity Church, Cambridge)

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If you are running short of ideas for online games; if you need to get the best out of Zoom; if you need a starting point with a Zoom risk assessment or ideas for daily or weekly tasks to set, click for online resources.

If you're starting to meet, staying socially distanced, there are resources to get you started.

Raising the Bar One-Minute Starting Well

one-minute training videos for leaders

So, one minute isn't very long but it's a great start to train your leaders or encourage your young people to grow in their gifts.

Read Dave's latest blog about youth ministry here

He doesn't know everything, but he's been working in youth ministry in the UK Church for a long time and writes about what he's learning. Get in touch. He loves to help.


Download Weekend 2020

Resources for planning Christian residentials, camps and houseparties, teaching sessions and much more. Can't find what you need? Get in touch!

Raising the Bar is a manual for Christian youth ministry that took over five years to write and I don't think there's a book like it. Packed full of stories, it explains all you need to know from starting a group, through writing a talk and taking groups away to finishing well, via key values to build into your ministry. You can buy the book for £10 hereSee the contents page here.


392 pages for £10 

What’s new with

CAThedral PURRSuits, our new cat social media Escape Room we've produced for Thy Kingdom Come! Check out Easy Wins Round a Fire Pit. Using Discord for gaming. There are regularly-updated online youth resources here. You'll find a load of games that work online and games that you can play socially-distanced. Buy his book. Read Dave's blog which he updates regularly - should our main focus be getting young people into the group? Check out other resources that are available, including youth discipleship resources to help young people in their discipleship at home. If you can't find what you need to support you in your youth ministry, please get in touch!  I'll try and help.