Some are PDFs so you can just download and go. Others are Word or Excel documents so you can download them, take out what you don't need and adapt what you do. Use them again and again.

Let me know if you've got more ideas, if there's anything else you need or if anything can be improved.

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discussion questions

You're round your fire pit (hopefully not indoors!), structure is difficult, but what could you ask that would be beneficial for people?

Christina Baillie, Diocesan Youth Officer for Connor Diocese, has put together some really helpful questions to prompt discussion.

They work in one-to-ones, or you could discuss in a small group, or you could get people to turn to their neighbour and chat about it, then feedback if they want.

Raising the Bar One-Minute Starting Well

one-minute training videos for leaders

So, one minute isn't very long but it's a great start to train your leaders or encourage your young people to grow in their gifts.

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Social media information for parents

Holly Byles, Youth Minister at Holy Trinity Claygate in Surrey, has written parents an excellent overview of social media that teens might be using.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The best resource I can offer you is a book I've taken five years to write. Raising the Bar is a manual for Christian youth ministry and I don't think there's a book like it. Packed full of stories, it explains all you need to know from starting a group, through writing a talk and taking groups away to finishing well, via key values to build into your ministry. You can buy the book for £10 hereSee the contents page here.


392 pages for £10 

Online resources for youth

Dan Bright has put together a really helpful set of links to teaching and wellbeing resources online.

Dan is Youth Pastor at Greyfriars Church in Reading





How to use Zoom safely, games to play, helps for filming and lots more.

Raising the Bar Splat


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Here are two places I tend to go if I need a new idea for a game. Check out The Source for Youth Ministry and As with all these things, not every idea will be appropriate for your group, but you should find something here you can use.


So you don't know many Bible verses?

Try the Remember Me app. It's great for you and for the young people you lead. In less than three years, I've learned over 550 verses. Click the picture below to find out more.

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