Some are PDFs so you can just download and go. Others are Word or Excel documents so you can download them, take out what you don't need and adapt what you do. Use them again and again.

Let me know if there's anything else you need or if anything can be improved.

The best resource I can offer you is a book I've taken five years to write. It'a manual for the entirety of Christian youth ministry and I don't think there's a book like it. Packed full of stories, it explains all you need to know from starting a group, through writing a talk and taking groups away to finishing well, via key values to build into your ministry. You can buy the book for £10 here. After 27 years of ministry, I think it should be everything a youth worker - paid or voluntary - needs to know. See the contents page and read reviews here.

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Look inside now:
click here to download a sample.
Raising the Bar: Nearly Everything You Need to Know about Christian Youth Ministry

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Here are resources that I've put together to help you if you're running online meetings, including games to play online. We are using Zoom, a teleconferencing app. I am in no way affiliated to Zoom, nor have they approved this content.

Latest learning: My recurring meeting has run out, do I need to change the URL?

Updated 29/6/20

Updated 1/6/20

Updated 29/6/20

Updated 9/4/20

Dave Thornton has written a hugely practical 392-page handbook as a resource for youth ministry which people are also saying is useful for wider church ministry. It's £10 to buy.

vicar ron sou has been kidnapped again (unlucky guy!) and hidden in london. can you solve the puzzles to find him?

Invite young people and their friends to a London Escape Room. All instructions included. Just download two documents, practise to make sure you know how it works and go.

escape room

Can you solve the clues to help the Vicar escape?

Why not create a positive experience for your young people and their friends in Lockdown with an Escape Room? Only one tiny bit of preparation needed (which will take you about 30 seconds). All instructions included. Just download two documents, add a phone number and go.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you for your online escape room! I used it with my youth group last night, and they all seemed to enjoy it and have fun! A very well-organised and well-written resource that I will definitely be using again!!!”


Eleanor Bristowe

Youth Ministry Worker

Winchester Baptist Church

“Thank you to all those involved in putting the escape room together. We’ve just run it with the youth group here (fortunately, Vicar Ron Sou was successfully freed by both teams in the time limit). One of the young people instructed me to thank you and all others involved in putting it together - certainly gets a five star rating from St. Andrews!"


Hannah Elphick

Youth Leader

St. Andrew's Baptist Church


My colleague Jack Percey and I have put together a booklet to help young people (and adults!) develop good habits in their Bible reading and prayer.  Download it FREE below.

Raising the Bar prayer and Bible reading


Parental consent form (coming soon)

Consent form covering letter (coming soon)

Risk assessment form

Activity permission form

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Here are two places I tend to go if I need a new idea for a game. Check out The Source for Youth Ministry and As with all these things, not every idea will be appropriate for your group, but you should find something here you can use.

So you don't know many Bible verses?

Try the Remember Me app. It's great for you and for the young people you lead. In just over two years, I've learned over 450 verses. Click the picture below to find out more.

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